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I have to echo your sentiments about the privileged white dudes. It was a great thing to watch them hold the space for so many--new people and familiar faces, all with 21 minutes, with grace and humility and openness.
Oh and ps - SO glad you are blogging. So much loved your 21 minutes. So grateful.


Seth Donovan is blogging. The world is finally as it should be.

Do try and be a less lazy blogger than myself.

I look forward to being your reader

Oh Seth, I am so happy you are blogging!! I know you have so much to teach me.


One of the best parts of that trip was seeing you at the airport (reading GENERATE *smirk) and being able to switch seats to sit with you. Our conversations were the stuff of the "breath of life". Thank you Seth.

Nanette Sawyer

Your presentation was beautiful and inspiring, Seth. Also, it truly was "creating" reality of what church can be, especially around a topic so mis-used mis-understood mis-applied as "confession." Your talk was really about love. And I loved it.

I too was transformed by being part of this C21 gathering.More than any piece of it, the whole thing transformed me for all the reasons you name in this post. The shifting of power and attention and the lifting up of women's voices was amazing.

Thank you for taking the risk and being part of it.

Dave H

I also want to thank you for what you created over the weekend and to add my voice to the chorus of those saying they were changed by the weekend. Also looking forward to seeing your movie some day soon! :-)


coming by to give you a high five! :) glad to see you blogging and couldn't agree more.



Tia Lynn

Hey Seth. I enjoyed meeting you at the conference. I would LOVE to hear more about your story and journey of faith. I am thrilled that you spoke and gave your perspective. It was challenging on many levels. Thank you for demonstrating such courage. :)

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